Setting Priorities

Prioritizing your goals, related tasks, and day-to-day activities can be an overwhelming undertaking. Many people choose to put together a simple to-do list and leave it at that not wanting to create any headaches for themselves.

Face it. There are things you know you need to get done that you put off for the simple reason that they seem to be so complicated and time consuming. Instead, you’ll do smaller things and more of them so you’ll feel like you achieved more during the day. In the end, you wind up frustrated as those nagging items continue to gnaw at your psyche day in and day out.

So what can you do to better prioritize your life? Myron Rush presents an excellent tool in his 2002 book, “Management: A Biblical Approach”. He calls it his “Priority Scale” (pp. 153-156) and it’s a tool you can use to help you put items on your to-do list in a more prioritized order. Without getting too wordy, the tool works like this: You list your to-do items on a sheet of paper and then assign numbers to each one. You then systematically go down your list and add the numbers of the other items on your to-do list next to each item. The next step is to work through the list asking yourself how important each item is in relation to the others (There’s a full description of this process in the book). As you do this, you will make notes of the other numbered tasks and then tally a list seeing which items scored highest. You can then re-organize your list by priority and get to work knocking out the things you know you need to get done.

For others, A simpler approach might work better. I sometimes use standard index cards to list items and then build a “task deck” of cards and prioritize them by how I stack the deck. This approach works well if you have other items coming at you during the day and you need to reshuffle the “deck” and put other items at the top of your list. Whatever you do, you really should give more thought to how important some of your to-do items are before simply listing them on your smartphones, planners, and such. If you have been feeling a bit uneasy about items that need completion, you know you need to do better and knocking out harder items so you can move on with less stress.

Take some time today to plan your week. Figure out what goals you want to achieve and prioritize them! Put these tools to work right away and feel better instantly. Let me know if I can be of any help to you as your begin this process!

Have a great week!

Setting Priorities

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