Life Without Limits Book Review

Nick Vujicic has an incredible story to tell. If you’ve flipped the channels on television recently you might have seen him on one of the Christian channels speaking to one of the many groups he addresses each year. Nick was born without limbs and his story is one of perseverance, sadness, joy, and reality. In his book, “Life Without Limits”, Vujicic tells very candidly what it was like growing up with the physical limitations most of us never have dreamed of.

From the opening chapter where he recalls his mother’s shock at learning her baby boy was born handicapped to his struggle to adapt to change as a young man leaving behind his home to move to the United States and then back again you will find nuggets of life’s truths that you apply to the self-imposed limits you give yourself. Ultimately, Vujicic graduated from College with an accounting degree and is now one of the most well-known motivational speakers of his generation. With all of this, he taught himself to swim, waterboard, play golf, and enjoy other aspects of life many would think impossible.

This book will inspire and motivate you. At times you might cry. At other times, you’ll laugh when you read his story of fighting a school bully (And he WON!) but you will be challenged as you progress further into the story. I don’t read many biographies these days but had wanted to read this one for several months. I’m glad I did and you will be too. If you need a pick me up, this is your book.

Life Without Limits Book Review

One thought on “Life Without Limits Book Review

  1. Subi says:

    He did a series of speaking events here in Hawaii in 2009, none that I was able to attend. However, one day when I was flying from the Big Island to Oahu, I saw him in the security line at the airport. Sometimes well-known traveling evangelists have a stage persona and a real persona. But Nick didn’t. He had the opportunity to go to the head of the line, but he turned it down (security made him do it anyway). But throughout the process, he was very personable, very normal with the people around him, even though I’m sure some were staring. I’ve seen video of him speaking before seeing him in line, but when I saw him in person and watched his genuine interaction with people, I wished I had done more to make it to one of his engagements.

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