Staying Committed

“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality.” ~James Womack

How committed are you to the decisions you’ve recently made? When life’s problems surface (and they always do) are you prepared to stay the course or walk away from it? What about commitment to the tough things you have to do to stay successful in life? I’m not talking about being rich and having all the bills paid. We have enough examples in our modern culture about how those things matter very little.

As a pastor I’m brought into contact with a number of life’s problems but many of them are ones that could be dealt with if the person or people involved would value commitment. Commitment is a discipline that requires conviction if we are to be successful in our follow through. When a man and woman marry and they say they will stay committed in good times and bad. Do they really mean it these days? Statistics say no. In fact, more people are living together these days for fear of…..commitment!

When a child is born, the parents agree (or SHOULD) to put their lives in the background when the interests of the child are considered. This is also commitment. Many familial struggles ensue when one or both parents get selfish in their desire and break the commitment to raise their child and then throw up their hands when the child is unruly. Single parents sometimes bring confusion into the mix when they try to include a new mate into the lives of their children. All of this stems from the commitments or lack thereof that are made by each person.

This applies to work also. Are you as committed to giving your best each day at your job as you were when first hired? Perhaps you’re coasting now because you are comfortable. This can spell disaster down the road, especially in a down jobs market.

And let’s not forget church (hopefully you attend!). Are you committed to your place of worship or does your loyalty waver? Families seemingly hop from church to church based on how they perceive their needs are being met. Gone are the days when people would stay the course in good times and bad. Now, consumerism has taken root and it’s all about the person instead of God.

If you’re struggling in certain areas of your life, ask yourself how committed you are to your values and goals. In most cases, you will find commitment lacking in various actions that need to be taken for you to achieve. Commitment sometime requires sacrifice. That hurts and it’s why so many won’t stand fast. Don’t be like those people. Have the courage to follow through and stand for your convictions. You’ll be a better person, a stronger man or woman, for the effort!

Staying Committed

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