Audio Book Review: Living By God’s Promises

This audio book was a pleasant listen for me. I love the historical writings of Christians who’ve traveled the journey of faith and have much to share with us today. So much of what passes as “deep” thoughtful meditations of the Word of God in contemporary literature barely scratches the surface of the deepest needs of the person. While the methods used to meet those needs may change over the years, the needs themselves are the same.

This audio book, a collection of writings from three Puritan Pastors writing in the 17th century, seeks to share the insights of those great works in modern, updated language. The authors, Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle, have done a masterful job of putting this literature into an easy to listen to format that both edifies and encourages the listener. By focusing on the wonderful promises God has established in Jesus Christ, the original authors give practical advice for applying these same promises to our lives and the various trials we must endure as followers of the Lord.

The narrator, Robertson Dean, was a perfect match for this literature as his deep, mellow voice communicates well with the content. All if all, this is an excellent audio book presentation that will deepen your faith and encourage your daily walk with Jesus.

This review was made possible through the work of the reviewers program. (

Audio Book Review: Living By God’s Promises

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