Digital Bibles – The Good

A few days ago I began a series of posts on digital media, specifically all the new bible apps that are available and how they can both help and hinder our spiritual growth. Today I want to focus on the good. In a couple of days, we will look at the potential downside.

As I mentioned in the previous post, today it’s not uncommon for me to hear the clicks of eReaders turning on to follow my preaching in digital bibles. My thought is that within a few years this will be the norm. More and more people are making the switch to digital tools including the bible on smartphones. These are amazing tools for the Christian in helping them to understand scripture. A few of the benefits on this new media include:

1. Easy searching of the biblical text. I love my ESV online account for searching the bible as I prepare my sermons each week. I can find and easily cross reference texts online without hauling a lot of materials with me to wherever I happen to be studying. This is a great benefit to me. It doesn’t take away from the hard study that I still do with various materials but it’s a convenience that I appreciate on the run.

2. The Bible is always accessible. Let’s face it…Not everyone hauls their bibles around with them to work and/or school unless that happens to be their job or what they are studying. Such tools allow anyone to take the bible with them so they can read at lunch, on break, or on a plane. Wherever they may be, the text is available. This is also good.

3. Support tools are built in. Not everyone rushes right out and buys a concordance, topical bible, or cross reference book but most of these new bible apps have everything included. This helps increase knowledge by giving the user some additional tools to help with their grasp of the scriptures.

4. Cost. Most of these new tools cost very little if anything to use. That sure beats spending a bunch of money on the books you would need and have available to you.

5. Space. Digital tools require some digital file space but no shelf space. No need for large books occupying space on shelves when you can take it all with you in your purse and/or pocket.

There are other benefits but these are the first that come to mind when considering the benefit of new technology. I currently have a number of digital bibles and free tools in my computer and also pay for some services I think are worthy of my investment (ESV Online is truly one of the best for the features it offers). What other benefits can you think of? Share them here and let me know your thoughts.

Digital Bibles – The Good

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