Preaching for God’s Glory – Book Review

Every year I like to read at least one to two books on the topic of preaching just to continue to improve in my work as a preacher of the gospel.

Alistair Begg’s new edition of “Preaching for God’s Glory” was recently released and is available as an ebook for about $5 through the Crossway Books site so I couldn’t resist and picked it up and quickly put it on my Sony Reader. Begg is one of the men who I most admire and his work as a pastor in two continents over many years points to his longevity in the pulpit. This book is his brief but to the point call for preachers to return to careful exposition of God’s Word. In a few short chapters he starts by giving some brief history of his own spiritual growth as a preacher and then dissects the topic of expository preaching to bring it’s eternal benefits to life.

Begg does not criticize other styles of preaching but instead, makes his case for our foundational study being that of expositional teaching. I agree with him. Within preaching today, we must be very careful not to allow our desire to fit the Word of God into what we want to preach dominate over what the Word is actually saying. It’s a very subtle effect but Begg champions the idea of coming to a text in scipture “empty” and allowing it to shape us and our message rather than trying to shape the Word into our want for a specific topic.

After breaking down and explaining the various benefits of expository preaching, Begg than concludes the book with a brief outline of how he prepares his messages each week and how we can derive the greatest benefit from the work of planning in this way.

The book is short, to the point, and gives great information. You could read the entire thing in one sitting probably in an hour or two. I chose to read it slowly, taking in a chapter every day for a few days and writing down some ideas I had taken from the book. Either way, if you are a preacher of God’s Word, you would benefit from reading this book!

Preaching for God’s Glory – Book Review

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