Have The Courage to DREAM!

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.” ~Marsha Norman

Dreams fuel our desire for a better life. Not necessarily a life filled with financial security. Not a life that we might consider the norm. But a life fulfilled as only God intended for YOU. There’s incredible creativity and innovation locked away in so many people today that we will NEVER see released. The reason being is fear. Fear of failure, of ridicule, and the unknown. That type of fear is real and paralyzes us in the midst of our dreams. Thomas Edison was probably looked at as a lunatic by many who thought he was out of his mind to go back again and again and again trying to find a suitable ingredient for a filament that would bring light to our evenings. We take the light bulb for granted today because we can buy a box of two for a couple of dollars and always have light on hand. We have Edison’s dogged determination to fulfill a dream for our betterment of life.

Your dreams could make the world better for everyone. Certainly Edison’s light bulb did though I’m not sure he thought about all the people he would impact as he was going through the process. In the end though, one man brought something amazing to each of us. What do you want to achieve in life? Who do you want to become? How will you LIVE your life to fulfill your God given destiny? Here’s how to get started…

  • Buy a notebook. Something decent to write in. I like blank pages with no lines for this exercise. Most office supply or stationary stores will have these.
  • Open the book and begin to dream. On a single page, write a dream. It can be anything you want but DREAM. I’m a big enthusiast of mind mapping so I write my dream in the center of my page and then begin to let ideas flow from there. I begin to think about how this dream might come about. I allow lines to flow from the BIG DREAM and point to steps I need to take to achieve it. This is very much like goal planning but in this case, you are future casting. You are looking at things that could be years or even a lifetime away but you must see them in the daylight and not just in your sleep.
  • What steps do you see that could be made into real, actual goals? Many times a dream consists of meeting many goals. These goals must be considered and contemplated. What actions can you take today to achieve them? You are now well on your way to achieving a DREAM!

Try this. But I will warn you. Some people will laugh. Most will think you’re a bit eclectic or “out there”. The truth is, many will not acknowledge their fear to dream but don’t let that stop YOU. You DREAM. Humanity depends on DREAMERS to hope. Welcome to the minority of culture by having the courage to DREAM.

Have The Courage to DREAM!

2 thoughts on “Have The Courage to DREAM!

  1. RSubiono says:

    Nothing against my Dad’s homeless, family-less, penniless brother (what he lacks in ambition, he does make up with heart), but when he learned I was was trying to get on Hawaii Five-O, he just automatically assumed I wanted to work on the crew. To move equipment or build sets. He couldn’t fathom that I wanted to get on screen and it amazed me that he had assumed I had the same ceiling on my desires that he had.

    Dream huge, no matter what anyone else limits you to. The critics don’t know the depth of your heart nor the plans that God has for you and sometimes, are just afraid that your success will shine a brighter light on their inadequacies. All the dissenters will turn into bandwagon fans anyway once you start experiencing the little victories on the way to achieving your dream.

    I started wholeheartedly following my dreams a little under two years ago. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve never felt more in line with my God-given purpose than I do now.

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