Making Time for Personal Growth

If you’re a regular reader here you know of my love for books. It doesn’t matter if they are traditional paper books, eBooks, audio books, you name it. I love to explore and tinker with ideas shared in the content of a good book.

More and more though I hear people telling me they have less time to read and for some, they see little value in the expenditure of time for what they perceive is very little growth. This week, I want to focus on simple tips for your personal growth. You CAN find a way to do this and starting small will help pay big dividends in the end.

Let’s start with audio books. These are handy because you can listen while you drive, exercise, do housework, or shuttle between classes at school. If you can carve out 20-30 minutes a day, then you can absorb some great growth material. Here are two books that can get you started…

1) The Art of Influence
This is a great audio book that explains the simple techniques for learning how to communicate with others and to build your leadership skills into a great leader.

2)The Art of Exceptional Living
Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers and this condensed audio book is brief but packed with great ideas. There is so much here to learn and benefit from.

I picked these two books not only because of their content but also because they are brief. For someone starting a new habit like allowing themselves time for audio books, these are two that are short but power packed. You could finish either one in a week’s time if you just allow yourself 20-30 minutes a day to listen to them. That means in two weeks time (conservatively) you will have completed two books in your personal growth and hopefully will have a number of great ideas to implement from them. Remember, you must take ACTION to benefit from this teaching. Believe me, there is enough here to take action on within the time you will invest to listen to these books. Better yet is cost. I was able to check out both of these books in audio form from my local library! That’s right, two outstanding books and it didn’t cost me a dime! Even if you did buy them, the price is reasonable enough and the benefits worth it.

There’s no excuse not to take in great ideas. In less time that you will take to watch ONE television show, you can be growing in your personal development and these two books are just a start! Make it a point to listen while you finish house work, wash the car, or take a walk! You can do this and if you do, by the time you finish these two books, I guarantee you will build a habit that desires more!

Give it a try and happy learning!

Making Time for Personal Growth

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