Making Time for Personal Growth – Pt. 2

“It’s about priorities.” One of my mentors once told me that if I kept a journal of my time he could find out what I considered most important. He was right. I said I wanted to improve my personal growth, lose weight, and spend more time with my family but my time log said something much different. It wasn’t that I intentionally neglected the areas I wanted to improve in. It was just that I wasn’t making them a priority in my daily life. On Monday, I gave you some tips to make time for some growth in listening to audio books that will improve your life. Today let’s talk about our time and how our mastering it will help us grow.

Notice I did not say “Time Management” but rather “Master”. Time mastery is all important because our lives will always have interruptions. You must plan for these as you plan to improve yourself. Do this..Get a small notebook, I don’t care what kind just so long as you use it, and track your time for one week. When you check email, write it down. Facebook? Yep! Everything. Now, at the end of the week, take a look at where you spend hours of your time and tell me there isn’t a way you could work 30 minutes into your busy schedule to take a brisk walk and/or exercise. Are there some things you could cut out to get you to your goal? I recently cut a majority of my cable channels back because I simply wasn’t watching them. I read a lot and this is a habit that is valuable to me. More valuable than wasting away on a couch with a bag of Doritos catching up on the shows I recorded on my DVR. No, I cut back to only a few programs I truly want to see. I then eliminated the rest and took away the temptation to watch more by killing the extra channels. Not only did I gain some valuable hours for other things but I saved money in the process.

I get up a bit earlier now than I used to. That means my bedtime routine has changed slightly. I still do late night dates with my wife but we try to plan them better to allow for an earlier sleep time for me so I can get up earlier to walk or jog. My quite time with my Bible is still a priority so I had to adjust my schedule to accommodate the jog and my quiet time. After a few months of the new routine (I’ve waited to write about it through the summer), I can now say it’s working fine and because I’m not watching as many shows on the DVR, I have more time for my graduate school work, my family, and my health. It’s about being intentional with what’s most important for you.

What steps can you take right now to change your life? What small changes can you make that will pay big dividends before the trees begin to bloom with the coming spring? You can do it! You have the time to make a plan and go for it. NOW is the time to do it. Just take the time and move forward. You will not regret it.

~Til Friday

Making Time for Personal Growth – Pt. 2

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