My Weight Loss Journey – Part Two

“I’ll eat gravel if that’s what it takes to lose this blubber!” So were my words to the counselor at the weight loss center I went to in the weeks following my breathing incident in bed with my wife at my side. I had enough. After 20+ years of always being heavy and finally hitting rock bottom, I was ready to change.

Let me say that I’m flattered by all of the comments I receive now when people see me. I’ve lost well over 100 pounds and feel terrific but on that fateful day I stepped into the weight loss center I was still fat, wearing size 3x and 4x shirts and my pants were bulging at the 48-50″ size! My gluttony had so consumed my life I knew it would take a year or better to get back to health. I was ready. So many have asked “How did you do it?” and “What did you do?” Let me encourage you by saying ANYONE can do what I did if their “why” is big enough. WHY did I do it? That is the key question on this journey…Here’s why:

  • My grandson is little. I wanted to play with him
  • My wife deserves a healthier mate
  • My children need to know that Dad isn’t an overweight slob!
  • My church congregation deserves the very best pastor I can be

These reasons and more were the ones I had written down as I prayerfully considered my next move after feeling I had cheated death a few weeks back. I had done some research on weight loss plans, consulted with my doctor, and then the Lord brought a friend of mine back who told me of the success he was having on a program called “Slimgenics” (I’m not being paid for mentioning them!) He had lost considerable weight and I decided I would look into it. The short of it was after meeting with the counselors at the center, I prayerfully weighed my options and decided this would be my best and healthiest option.

Once I settled on a plan, I strengthened my resolve and got to work. The eating plan and natural supplements all helped but let me say that NONE of that will truly work if you are not motivated to achieve. As I stated earlier, your WHY has to be the biggest question you ask in all of this. If the WHY is big enough, you’ll figure out the HOW. That’s true in this situation and in just about every decision we make in life. For me, I was done being fat and wanted to prove to myself I could do this. In short, it’s been nearly a year and I’ve lost the weight! I’ll share more about the practical things I did that you can incorporate into your own life in my third and final post in this series. Today, I want to encourage you to first strengthen your resolve. Figure out WHY before you take any action. Otherwise you are wasting your time!

Some final thoughts for today….

I could not have done this without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ strengthening me when I was weak and just wanted to quit and eat a whole pizza! I saturated this in prayer and God didn’t have to answer but He did! He gave me willpower and strength and today I am wearing pants smaller than I did in high school!

My wife has been a great support and put a face on my weight loss! Seeing her surprised looks and tears (this time for joy) at watching her hubby shed the pounds and give away his “fat” clothes was the best practical payoff a man could ask for.

My grandson can now play with me and I can get on the floor with him and NOT be winded. Life is good!

Last but not least…YOU can do this. If it’s not weight but some other monumental task, search for the WHY! Contact me directly if I can encourage and strengthen you on your journey. THIS IS DOABLE! GO FOR IT!

Now that we have discussed the WHY…I’ll finish with the HOW in my final part in this series!

My Weight Loss Journey – Part Two

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