My Life and Writing

I’ve spent the past few months pondering my future writing endeavors. I’ve written and posted to this blog fairly regularly over the past five years since starting it but in the past 18 months or so, not as much. A lot of this was because of my changing life. As much as I’d like to spend time on my creative side (and I’ve been encouraged by many to keep writing), I’ve been hindered because of increasing demands on my time. As my closest friends know, I now work three jobs to support first my family and also the ministry of the church I lead. ’nuff said.

On top of all of this, I’m now back in graduate school pursuing one final degree designed to help me in my future endeavors. This is a long range goal as I’ve written about extensively here. One that will likely take me nearly five years to complete. I’m both exhausted and excited at the same time. All of this has affected my platform to reach others but more than that, the social media landscape is changing. Every few years, significant changes occur and the past year has seen some changes for the good. I think people are realizing that Facebook has slowly transformed into the equivalent of our high school years, but now with up to the minute drama for many. The death of Google Reader in the coming months will bring about a different means of communication in blogging. Face it, aggregators are phasing out as new ways of accessing information develop. How blogging will be affected remains to be seen. Twitter is becoming a more reliable source of instant information dissemination, Google Plus, while not having the footprint of Facebook, is becoming the connection point of more professional communication, and the picture based sites are more for friends who want to share life. I think Guy Kawasaki has captured this well in his book on Google Plus when he outlines how the social media landscape looks at present.

So what can my friends expect of me here? I will continue to write. Despite my commitments, I plan to try to post here as often as the mood strikes. I will still post about productivity, leadership, and life growth. In the past year, I’ve put much of this to the maximum test given what’s on my plate these days. Twitter for me is becoming a place to share thoughts, insights, and funny things that happen in life. Facebook connects me with old friends, helps me to communicate with the church family, and make connections in general. Done right, it’s the meeting place for lighthearted communication although some have seemingly turned it into a soap opera! Google Plus is focused communication for me. It’s where I do most of my professional work as a writer, speaker, and pastor.

We are blessed to have so many ways to communicate. I look forward to continuing to build and strengthen the relationships I have and to make new friends along the way. At some point, the book(s) I’m writing will one day see the light. One day….. Thanks all for your continued support of my work here. Blessings to all of my friends across the world.

My Life and Writing

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