My Thoughts on Church “Planting”: Introduction

Today begins a series of posts that I have been working on for some time regarding my own thoughts about church planting. After 12 years (as of this writing) working to establish a church in the Denver metropolitan area, God has given me a challenging new vision and a vibrant spirit to see it carried out. To be honest, this move of God has been calling me for the past few years and I’ve struggled with it. I tried to move away from it thinking it to be just some irrational thought in my mind but God’s calling was made even more clearer as I resisted. While not experiencing a Jonah like moment of being in the belly of a whale, I did have a bit of a disconnect as God called me back to the vision he had originally set in my heart. Even as I write, I’m learning new things as God directs this next chapter for the church I lead and the new vision he has given us. In journaling my thoughts, I noted that several things have taken shape in my heart that should challenge and encourage others looking to make a lasting impact for the kingdom of God in this arena. Church planting can be a huge challenge and the plethora of experts in this field, along with the associated industry that has followed them can cause many to question the call God has given them similar to my own disconnect. Many will leave the vision on the table to stay in their ‘safe’ area of ministry rather than venture into the unknown. So as I share these thoughts in a series, let me give you my own brief rundown of points (and these are not in any specific order) to consider and challenge you…

1) Don’t listen to the experts
2) Stay away from others’ methods
3) Get a job, even if it’s part time
4) Be sensible
5) Love, Serve, Disciple
6) Attendance is overrated
7) Life Transformation is what counts

I think that’s enough to get us started. I may think of more later but for now, I’ll leave you to think on these things and I’ll try to unpack them in an honest, straightforward manner. I don’t expect everyone reading to agree with my conclusions. I’m not looking for complete agreement here. Rather, I want to challenge your thinking. For those who’ve considered their own call to plant but have delayed it because they are worried about what their parents, spouse, church family, and others would think, consider it again. That is all I would ask. I’ll have more to share soon…Thanks for reading

My Thoughts on Church “Planting”: Introduction

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